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How to use this body weight simulation

Predict a problem before it happens

You can use this simulation to see if you are gaining or lossing too much weight over 
time. To do so you need to know some things about your diet. Currently we have do not
have the tools to simplify this process, but it is still possible to determine a good
estimate of your diet.

Think back as far as you can about your eating habbits and try to determine:

1. The average number of times you eat per day, be it a meal or snack.For example:
if you almost always eat 3 meals and a snack every day the answer is 4, even if 
you sometimes have more or less than that. If you can remember how many times 
you ate each day for a whole week, add up the total number for the week
and divide by 7.

2. How many pounts of food do you eat at your biggest meal and how many pounds 
(or more likely grams) do you eat for your smallest snack? Those answers will give 
you the weight range for your food. Currently these weights must be entered in grams.

3. Think about the amount of calories in the food you eat. Try to determine the foods
you often eat which have the highest number of calories, such as 
(in descending order of total calories):
	saturated and hydrogenated oils
	fried foods
	ice cream
Once you have a good idea where the highest concentration of calories are in your diet,
look at the nutrition information for those items and divide the number of calories
per serving by the serving size. This should give you a max value in terms of calories
per gram.

To find the minimum number of calories per gram, do the same as described above 
but for the lowest calorie foods you eat on aveage. Low calorie foods include 
(in ascending order of calories):
	other veggies
	misc fruits
	bread, staches

Design a diet

	After you run the simulation with your best estimate of your diet you may want
	to do a number of things to see a more desireable result:
	1. Arrive at a better estimate of your diet before changing parameters.
	2. Change the parameters of the simulation:
		*	if you want to see the simulation show a weight loss, lower the 
		maximum number of grams per	meal you eat, lower the max calories per
		gram or lower the number of times per day you eat. Also changing the
		minimums to lower numbers whill show a weight loss.
		*	if you want to see the simulation show a weight gain, increase
		the minimum number of grams per	meal you eat, increase the min calories
		per gram or increase the number of times per day you eat. Also changing
		the maximums to higher numbers will show a weight gain.